Soul of Ukraine

Non commercial project, created by ukrainian team to help our defenders and protect our country from russian aggression. 100% of ETH from the sales will be transferred to official donation wallet (it's described in smart contract)
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Greetings from Ukraine.

On February 24, Russian troops invaded Ukraine and launched a large-scale war that Europe had not seen in decades. The Russians are killing our people, bombing houses, hospitals, orphanages. The Russians are occupying our cities. And Ukraine is holding them back. The Ukrainian military is fighting bravely against the second-largest army in Europe. The Ukrainian army is now a shield that protects not only our state but the whole of Europe and the whole world.

We created this project to raise funds to help the Ukrainian defenders survive and keep our country sovereign and free. And everyone who wants to live in a free and just world must make every effort to support our army. Just now, as you read this message, our people continue to fight the enemy and give their lives. Just now thousands of civilian Ukrainians are in hiding because the Russians have decided to conquer our lands and hit the cities with missile strikes. But we continue to fight and believe in our defenders.

Ukraine will win. We know this because we live on our land, in our home, and we fight for it and ours and our children! And no army that is guided only by the ambitions of its leader and the desire for food will be able to overcome this. Russia, which is fighting on the orders of a sick lunatic, loses.

The whole world is with Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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Key information

5000 Unique NFTs based on more than 90 traits that represents ukrainian culture
Token price - 0.03 ETH. An option to adjust the total amount for those who want to donate more
100% funds raised from sales will be transferred to support Ukraine
The goal is to help Ukrainian defenders to save as many innocent lives as possible and bring peace to their home.


What is the idea behind the art?

The main idea is to bring a small part of ukrainian culture to NFT Space. The doll you see on each token is called "Motanka" - it is one of the oldest symbols of Ukrainian culture. The doll performed an important function an amulet with variety of functions such as the protection of the house, of children, of sleep and of household. Each doll is dressed in one of twenty three traditional ukrainian shirt that represents different regions of Ukraine. We are sure you will like it.

How can i be sure that funds will be used to help Ukraine?

Ethereum will be send to the wallet officially announced and confirmed by Ukrainian government. That functionality is provided in smart contract logic and cannot be edited after contract was deployed on chain. The developers team will not receive any single cent from you donations, 100% funds are going to official donation wallet.

How will royalties from secondary sales be used?

We are going to use royalties to keep supporting ukrainian people, based on the needs on the moment we receive the payments

Will the team support the project after release?

Yes, Project will be supported by Crypto Hodlers team as soon as situation in our country is safer.

VERIFIED SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x1C3bc89c4d442Cc52BfEcb7C729e452Dd70eF059